About us

Orange Pharma Ltd is among Kenya’s top distributors of pharmaceutical products and other household goods. Our company is committed in delivering the world-class pharmaceutical products and services through its vendors and employees as well as our range of household goods.

Having incorporated in the year 2011, our company started fully functioning from August 2012 onwards.

We believe in the “healthy nation is wealthy nation” principle.For any nation to have a healthy people there needs to be quality of medicines available in place. Our contribution adds up towards the healthier lives of people in Kenya and surrounding countries with quality and affordability. Our efforts are in place to create healthy living through the creation and distribution of pharmaceuticals.

We as a company take pride in promoting success and happiness by supplying our esteemed customers with quality products.

Orange Pharma Ltd is aware of its customer’s demands and needs so it continues to serve its stakeholders by providing top quality goods and services on time and with a smile. Our products allow our customers to enjoy guaranteed satisfaction in not only the local market but also in other East African regions.

In constantly changing environment our company is dedicated to serve its customers in providing uninterrupted supplies of pharmaceutical products services making it most desirable and reliable products in the market. We deliver to our customers through the hand to hand method and to our larger customer base through retailers.

As a company that is growing and keen on providing quality pharmaceutical products, we would like to partner with Non-Governmental Organisations, Non Profitable Organisations or Charitable Organisations. This is in order for us to serve them locally where importing medical products from respective home countries becomes cumbersome.

Orange Pharma Ltd is located approximately 15 Km from the heart of the city centre, in BabaDogo Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya.